So here it is, my first real attempt at writing a Blog. Well kind of. I did start a really bad one a few years ago. Which is somewhere out there in cyberspace. Hopefully way, way out there.

I’m a Interior Designer and a Foodie so I thought I’d blend the two. And here it is.

‘Room for More’

I want to explore how Interior Design influences Menus and how Menus influence Interior Design. I’ll sample some of the delicious offerings whilst I comment on the decor. I’ll talk anyone who wants to talk to me, be it the owner, the designer, the waiter, the barman or a regular. What’s the vision and passion behind this place? What do they love about this place and what makes it special to them?

Dining in Dubai is really exciting at the moment. It’s so diverse, so multi-cultural.  New places are opening all the time. Nor are Dubaians shy of design. Thankfully!

There is always ‘Room for More‘ in this town.


Cecilia  xx

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