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Bathrooms can be one of the more expensive rooms per square foot to refurbish so renovating and designing this space should take some time to really create the ideal. However, the investment is worth it.
Remodelling a bathroom will significantly impact the value of the home and add appeal to the entire residence. A well designed bathroom should be one that evokes harmony in both a private and public space, making sense with the overall aesthetic.

At CCI we also design bathrooms for both private domains and commercial enterprises, keeping in mind the ambience desired by the owners and most importantly, the comfort of the guests.

Through the use of fixture placement, colour palettes, decorations and functional decor, as bathroom interior designers we take into consideration elements such as counter space, bathroom fixtures, lighting, window treatments and flooring, all working together to contribute to an overall look that will satisfy the client’s needs.

Established as one of the premier international interior design firms in Dubai, we have worked with large, established co-operations and start-ups, and everything in between, and find them equally challenging and interesting to work with.


Are you looking for a trusted consult for your bathroom project? At CCI, we work for and with our clients to bring their creative vision to life with professional guidance every step of the way. As an interior design specialist in Dubai, we can advise what is feasible and maximise the use of space potential and aesthetic. From initial brainstorming to seamless implementation, we look to set the standard for bathroom design services in Dubai.

To ensure the integrity of designs the CCI team of talented interior design professionals work only with quality suppliers and consultants worldwide. As well as being highly creative, each designer possesses strong organizational and communication skills which are essential to the successful completion of any project.

Our interior designer portfolio in Dubai confirms a history and successful track record of the design and delivery of bespoke five star hotels, restaurants, bars, and high end residential projects across the globe. Aspire to be inspired, we promise that same commitment in offering the best bathroom interior design advice in Dubai.

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