Your bedroom is your safe space; it’s a space where you spend almost a third of your life! After a stressful day at work, all you want is to hit the bed or curl up in sheets and dive into a book. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or an exclusive villa in Dubai, we often tend to neglect bedroom interiors as expats simply because “we just go there to sleep” (apparently!). However, bedroom interior design is one of the most critical aspects when investing and creating your dream home. 

We have outlined tips from interior design experts so your sleep space can be practical and aesthetically. Keep these designer-approved tips in mind when you start your bedroom interior design project.

  • De-clutter your room

First and foremost, space is the key! Get rid of all the stuff you no longer need or haven’t used in the past 6 months – be it old clothes that don’t fit or the treadmill you never get time to run on. Extra stuff makes your room look over-stuffed and suffocated. Aim to clear out space not just by throwing but by organising them too!

  • Develop your mood board

Scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and pin ideas that you would like to implement in your room. Gradually, you will discover your taste and style. Start picking colors you’d like to work with. 

Very bright or light shades are not the only key to making your room look calming and peaceful. in fact,  choose colors smartly that suit your style and your home’s overall interiors and theme. However, a bedroom is not a place to experiment with neons. 

Sunshine yellows, sky blue, rusty or ash greys are some colors that can make your room look brighter, and spacious, and fill it with happy energy. However, an interior design consultant can best advise on what would suit your bedroom depending on the lighting, area, and size.

  • Go minimal with furniture.

The finger rule to make your room have more walking space and look spacious and symmetric is to pick minimalistic furniture. Don’t end up impulse-buying gigantic bed sets that your room can’t accommodate. Always keep the dimensions in mind, and whatever furniture style you fancy, pick out smartly that ties up with the rest of your bedroom furniture. Keep in mind your bedroom is more than just a space to sleep, so choose the right bed size and try to leave space for a nice bench or table to enhance functionality. 

  • Get the textures and drapes right

Adding the right mix of textures is an important element to add a focal point to your room. For example, for a luxurious touch, you can opt for wall-to-wall carpets or elegant wallpapers. However, choosing the right kind of textures, also depends on your region’s weather, for example, Dubai Interior Designers might advise against thick fabrics because of the scorching summer heat.

Additionally, choose long, full-length curtains, preferably in double layers so you can block out all light, and when you want a little bit of sunlight, you can tie one layer. Full-length curtains also add height and dimension to your rooms. 

  • Bring in nature

 A little green in your room goes a long way when it comes to adding freshness. Find plants that are easier to manage and place them smartly in your bedroom. For example, a snake plant requires less maintenance and looks super classy in any bedroom. 

  • Choose the right lighting

Bedrooms should have calm and cozy lighting.  There must be sufficient lighting for reading or while dressing up but not so bright that it drives away the sleep hormone! A great idea to make your room look like some chalet on an island is to get string lights and cute lamps that give a lovely and warming feel. It is advised to add some lighting elements that don’t require you to solely rely on the main overhead light.

  • Hire a bedroom interior designer

An expert interior designer can help revamp your bedroom in a way that it feels like heaven! Bedrooms are complex to decorate: you want a pretty space that fits and ties up with your taste and overall home interior design but you are unable to figure out what goes with what. The struggle is real!

Get connected with luxury interior designers in Dubai to revamp your bedroom into a modern and elegant masterpiece that feels like heaven!

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