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We Are Recognised As One Of The Top Commercial Interior Design Firms in Dubai

Offering the highest quality commercial interior design services in Dubai, we define commercial interior design as office design.

Great office interiors come when we learn to understand our client’s businesses and their needs. The first task of any corporate interior design firm in Dubai should be talking to the owners and various key team members to get a full picture of the business. This allows us to fully understand who our clients are ‘today’ and what they may need ‘tomorrow’ in regard to space and growth.

If You’re Trying To Choose Between The Commercial Interior Design Companies in Dubai, We May Be Just What You’re Looking For

Once this is agreed upon, office design can often be executed relatively quickly, because of the commercial aspect. Clients often have watertight budgets and timeframes, so decisions tend to be made more rapidly than say in residential design. Our corporate interior designers in Dubai offer sound parameters that give direction and often speed things up, as well as being fair and upfront about interior designer fees for commercial projects in Dubai.

Commercial interior architects in Dubai specialize in effective space planning in relation to workflow/output. Making sure that work, breakout, and relaxation zones are created and defined is critical. Teams should sit in a flow that makes sense to the business.

Creating a space where employees can focus, feel valued, and also take breaks, means you will have happy employees. Happy employees usually are more productive, which in turn become better outputs for you.

As one of the top commercial interior design firms in Dubai, we have worked with large, established co-operations and start-ups, and everything in between, and find them equally challenging and interesting to work with.

We Only Provide The Best Commercial Interior Design Services In Dubai. Clients include Veechem Chemicals Dubai, Al Mal Capital Dubai, Walkers Legal Firm Dubai, Jotun Powder Paints Head Office Dubai, Jotun Paints Regional Headquarters Dubai, and Jotun Paint New factory offices in Muscat.

At CCI, we work for and with our clients to bring their creative vision to life with professional guidance every step of the way. From initial brainstorming to seamless implementation, we look to set the standard for Commercial Interior Designer in Dubai.

Committed Commercial Interior Design Consultants In Dubai

To ensure the integrity of designs the CCI team of talented interior design professionals work only with quality suppliers and consultants worldwide. As well as being highly creative, each designer possesses strong organizational and communication skills which are essential to the successful completion of any project.

Our interior design agency in Dubai has a proven track record for the design and delivery of bespoke five-star hotels, restaurants, bars, and high-end residential projects across the globe. Aspire to be inspired, we’ll take that same commitment and mission into the heart of any project.

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