I often come across residential clients who are fearful of the fees involved with hiring an interior designer. They want a designer but don’t want to pay the fees, so are often tempted to do part of the design themselves. Understandable!

We all have budgets, which we need to work with, so taking some of the scopes out of the designers’ hands, essentially reduces the fees and makes the client a saving. Take from here and put into there = equals savings. It all seems to make total sense.

But this is a false promise.

As professional designers, we are here to help you make savings by saving you times…

…designing to your lifestyle, taking into account your budgets and time constraints. But mostly avoiding costly mistakes as we listen to who you are. We are part designers, part psychologists.

And we usually get it right the first time!

Looking to interior design your villa in Dubai or your commercial space in UAE, reach out to us today and see what we have got.