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High-End Hospitality Designers In Dubai Are Hard To Come By, That’s Why We’re Here.

“Hospitality” encompasses some of the most regularly visited and most intimate forms of entertainment design: hotels and restaurants” Hospitality magazine

Hotels, unlike any other venue, have the ability to transport guests away from their own reality into a new reality. A hotel is a temporary home away from home. Often the hotels we choose are very different from where we live. Hotels give us an opportunity to try living in a space that is very different style-wise from our homes.

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Hotel designs are often exaggerated and unexpected in either their size, the use of colour and materials, which truly has the ability to transport us somewhere else. Some of the more sophisticated hotels will go over and beyond to create something truly unique and magical offering guests an entire experience. Helping to create these design experiences as one of the top hospitality design companies in Dubai, is what we enjoy the most at CCI and this is our flair.

Experiences aside, all hotels ultimately provide room and board. What differs is the type of property, such as a business hotel or resort, or the quality of the product, which is the standard of design, facilities and the services available.

This is reflected in the star ratings given to properties, such as 5-star and 3-star ratings. As hospitality design consultants in Dubai, at CCI we have worked on and delivered both business hotels and resorts, 4 and 5-star hotels.

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Behind the scenes of all this beauty and form are stringent design standards, codes, and regulatory requirements which need to be adhered to as public space.

As one of the most knowledgeable hospitality architecture firms in Dubai, we are incredibly efficient in managing these processes.

At CCI we are accustomed to these codes and implement these for each and every hospitality project. We are as happy to design 5-star hotels as we are 3 stars, in urban hotels, and resorts. Each star rating and hotel type has different design needs which we find professionally interesting to deliver.

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

Look No Further For The Top Hospitality Interior Design Firms In Dubai

CCI has worked with clients such as Holiday Inn, Ritz Carlton, Jebel Ali Group, Kempinski and Eagle Star.

We work for and with our clients to bring their creative vision to life with professional guidance every step of the way. From initial brainstorming to seamless implementation, we look to set the standard as hospitality designers in Dubai.

To ensure the integrity of designs the CCI team of talented interior design professionals work only with quality suppliers and consultants worldwide. As well as being highly creative, each designer possesses strong organizational and communication skills which are essential to the successful completion of any project.

Our interior design agency in Dubai has a proven track record for the design and delivery of bespoke five-star hotels, restaurants, bars, and high-end residential projects across the globe. Aspire to be inspired, we’ll take that same commitment and mission to the heart of any project.

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