Dubai hosts some of the most impressive, incredible and inspirational hospitality projects in the world. In fact, tourism is a major revenue source to the city and there is a constant quest for next most amazing property development. As professional hotel interior designers in Dubai, we make your project has the right style and ambiance needed to succeeded.

Cecilia Clason’s Team is well aware that in the midst of such activity, it is the small details that can make the difference. When working in a highly competitive market, offering the standard features is not enough. To truly succeeded, a certain luxurious refinement is required. The kind that makes a hotel stand out from the crowd by integrating the most modern equipment and facilities with memorable style and taste.

To your advantage, the Cecilia Clason Interiors Team has significant and extensive experience in designing hotel interiors, effectively affirming us as the hotel interior designers in Dubai. Our portfolio is as extensive as it is specific and we are proud of having designed the interiors of several hotels in the region.

With our extensive knowledge of international suppliers and our ability to source exactly what is required for each project, we are able to work closely with our esteemed clients to make your ideas come to life.

As hotel interior designers in Dubai, we can either offer a comprehensive FF&E design package from project planning to implementation, or an in-house solution such as placing experienced team members into the clients’ offices on a project basis. We can also simply work on aspects of FF&E design. Whatever the case, Cecilia Clason Interiors will always provide solutions that are as flexible as they are inspirational.

We will be delighted and happy to discuss with you all the possibilities for the interior design of your hospitality project. For that, contact us today at +971 (0) 48 84 6169. We wish you great success with your new venture!