When furnishing your newly property make sure you have the best interior designer in Dubai at your disposal. With the team of Cecilia Clason Interiors (CCI for short), your property will not only be surely seen and admired, but also livable, cosy and made for your perfect enjoyment.

Dubai is a grand city, vibrant and full of activity. It has become a haven for tourism activity and financial activity, effectively turning in to the world’s business capital. The city also boasts significant tradition and history, both recent and past. Home to some of the most exciting real estate projects in the world, this is the place to be seen.

With a great list of contacts of the best suppliers available both locally and abroad, our projects are always made to perfectly fit your needs, demands and quest for undying style. We work for commercial properties such as offices or restaurants, for hospitality projects or high-end residential projects.

Our vision and mission is to creat balanced and innovative design solutions with a clear emphasis on elegance and form. At the core of everything CCI do, this approach allows as to clear spaces that are perfectly well thought out and integrated while providing a dramatic ambiance.

Cecilia Clason’s vision and mission as an interior designer in Dubai is to create well-balanced, innovative design solutions either for new properties, older properties that need a refreshment in style or a full refurbishment. The emphasis is always on elegance and form, which are at the core of everything CCI do, creating spaces that are well thought out, integrated and provide a dramatic ambience.

To know more about how to bring more space and elegance to your property, contact us today by ringing +971 (0) 48 84 6169. We’ll be happy to give plenty of tips and advise on how to make your project come to life.