What is a Majlis?

It’s a place to gather and discuss. It’s a space of belonging. A majlis is something unique, specific to the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia cultures. In 2015 it was given the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Its core function is to gather the community to discuss current social, political, and economical issues in an open environment in front of elders and sheiks. The aim is that disputes and concerns can be resolved openly and with ease.

Many homes have their own Majlis, even separate for males and females majlis.  As it’s a formal entertaining space, the interior design for the majlis is done more extravagantly. It’s a space where guests are hosted and lavished. With its own entrance, it often not only holds a majlis but also a dining room, powder room, and sometimes even a guest bedroom.

Here are few key pointers on how to interior design a majlis.


How to Design a Majlis

  • Space:

The room is normally rectangular, with a sofas dispersed around the edge of the room. There are often 2 heads of the room, where a royal or dignitary will sit. If not, the sofas are lined against the wall, ensuring there is no head and that all guest are equal.

  • Entrance:

 Usually, in Arab households, Majlis have separate entrance near the entry door. Therefore, a real sense of arrival, treat the entrance the same as the majlis. If your space allows it, use large arched doors, timber cladding, mixed with marble and brass. This will add to the grandeur of the space and a sense of arrival.

  • Seating:

Placing the seating around the edge of the walls ensures that you get the largest amount of seats and that all guest are in view. Choose seating which is a mixture of sofas and armchairs, which will maximize the space. Opt for a majlis seating that is comfortable, yet elegant. At CCI we mix European and Arabic elements creating a clean modern look to a traditional setting.

  • Coffee Tables:

Majlis are often large spaces, with the furniture placed against the walls. This creates large spaces in the middle of the room. To fill these spaces, use beautiful, ornate, but large coffee tables adored with decorative items. Object d’art dress these tables, creating wonderful center pieces.

Nearer the sofas are smaller tea tables which are used to place tea and coffee onto.

  • Fabrics:

CCi’s team of expert interior designers suggest you use a mixture of pattern, texture and color in fabric selections. Try to always use the best the budget can allow, as this is an important space. Pops of color and interest can be added to the cushions. Understated patterns and prints are recommended to be used on the window treatments and velvets and boucle on the sofas for a very contemporary look.

  • Arabesque Touches

While designing a modern Majlis, don’t forget to blend in with Arabic culture and traditions. This can be done through the design details in the furniture, art, carpets, accessories. It is these details that makes the majlis fall into its own.

  • Carpets:

Persian Carpets or custom made wool and silk rugs are an essential part of the room interior design. As the seating is placed along the walls, large expanses of carpet will be visible. Using a statement design is something which we like to do here at the CCI studio.

  • Wall and Ceiling Finishes:

High ceilings and symmetric wall panels are the perfect ingredients for the sense of luxury in your Majlis. Symmetry creates a sense of balance and harmony. Layering materials such as wood  panels, marble, gypsum all add levels of interest.

  • The Right Level of Lightning:

To set the right ambiance, lighting is key. A mix of table lamps, chandeliers and cove lights ensure, your majlis looks elegant and welcoming. Harsh overhead lighting can kill an ambiance instantly. We like to mix classic crystal chandeliers with modern table or wall lights, which gives and interesting edge, or mix to the design of your majlis.


Majlis Interior Design Is A Must For Your Dream Home In Dubai

Why not get the help from one of our team to elevate your majlis? Let us help you create a wonderful space where you can entertain your guests and enjoy special family moments.

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  • Majlis is a reception room in Arab homes for guests. It is usually the most significant room having exquisite interiors, rich colors, and luxury furnishings. In Arab culture, guests are given high regard and extravagant attention. A majlis is almost like a guest room or a living room. Therefore guest room interiors and living room interiors are important in Dubai homes, in particular, Arab homes.
  • Hence, many interior specialists in UAE hold expertise in just Majlis interior design.
  • Majlis interiors need to have a warm, welcoming vibe that symbolism of Arab hospitality and traditional values. Whether you aim to have modern living room interiors or a traditional majlis, here are some key ideas to notch up your Majlises’ luxurious interiors and a joyful feel.


  • Go Royal With Fabrics

Add elegance and a royal feel to your Majlis ambiance by using rich and natural fabrics for your seating, curtains, table cloth, and cushion covers.

Delicate gold and pearl work on silk fabric often helps enhance the Majlis interiors. With all this, you must balance the shimmer with nude or matte shades. Majlis’s interior design should be planned out carefully to tie up the overall theme of the home.

  • Smart Seating


The comfort of your guests is of utmost importance. So pick sofas, armchairs, or couches that have a soft and cozy feel. Not only that, the backrest and armrest must be comfortable too. If you select floor seating, ensure that it is designed and tailored with the right colors. Pair it with soft and lush carpets and take your majlis interiors one step ahead!

Majlis often have floor seatings however if you opt for modern guest room interiors, then high, relaxing sofas and chairs would be a better option.

  • Careful Selection of Coffee Tables


Majlis is often built in big villas and mansions in GCC and therefore they are pretty spacious. The large room size makes it important for the guests to have access to small serving tables.

A low-height center table made of wood with intricate, antique work and crafts often does well in traditional majlis interiors. The big coffee table should match the small side table to tie up the overall interior.

  • Add A Traditional Arab taste


While designing a modern Majlis, don’t forget to blend in with Arabic culture and traditions. You can opt for an antique shelf, art piece, Arabic wall art, or a calligraphic portrait. It will portray the rich culture and friendliness of the Arabs.

  • Pay Attention To Flooring

Luxe Iranian or Turkish carpets enhance your Majlis’ luxurious element while keeping it warm. Marble flooring or marble tiles with elegant patterns and subtle colors also grace the interiors with opulence.

  • Grandeur Entrance

Usually, in Arab households, Majlis have separate entrances beside or near the entry door. To ensure your guest experiences generosity and warmth right from the start, make your Majlis’s entry grand and royal. Big wooden doors, a luxurious carpet or rug, a shoe cabinet, and a crystal chandelier are enough to capture their attention.

  • Artistic ceiling and walls art

High ceilings and symmetric wall panels are the perfect ingredients for the royal ambiance of your Majlis. Go for gypsum decoration, wooden panels, some metal work, and tasteful art pieces on the walls.

  • The right level of lightning


The lighting of your Majlis must be elegant, bright, and grand. Choose decorative light fixtures, chandeliers, and antique lamps to brighten the space with your hospitality.

Majlis Interior Design Is A Must For Your Dream Home In Dubai


Your guests are supreme to you, so let them experience the royalty in service and ambiance at your house. So while you plan to do your majlis interiors, pick a reliable luxury interior design company that understands your taste, budget, and ideas and turns them into reality. Your Majlis must have bespoke décor and interiors that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.