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Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions 2018

Stage 1: Project Brief & Design Direction

The purpose of Stage 1 is to finalise the Client’s Design Brief and to establish the Mood & Concept for the areas to be Designed.

  1. CCI will with the Client, Project Manager to receive the project Design Brief, receive project Orientation, Familiarization and receive any other Project Goals.

Items to be discussed and included are:

  • Design Brief and Areas
  • General Mood & Concepts
  • Preferred Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • Total Budgets for FF&E
  • Project Schedule/Programme
  • Methods of Bidding & Procurement
  • Lines of Communication


  1. Once we receive all the drawings and other relevant material, we will discuss the overall planning of the Front of House areas to be designed. We will work with the Client to define clearly the ‘Vision’ for the Project.
  2. Existing architectural layouts will be reviewed by CCI and will be refined to achieve optimal spatial arrangements of both Facilities and Accommodation.
  3. We will work closely with the Client throughout to establish functionality of the Interior spaces and spatial relationships of the key Facilities. This will be done by attending meetings on site and off site.
  4. A Preliminary loose presentation will be presented to the Client to demonstrate the general Design Direction. This will include sketch layouts, concept images, some fabric and furniture selections and materials.
  5. Initial Client Budgets will be reviewed and discussed.
  6. Note: The Local architect will be responsible for the coordination of all documents. During construction the Local architect will be responsible to coordinate all the review and approvals of information and request for information with the contractor and all consultants.
  7. The local architect will be responsible for the input on local building requirements and processing for all government approvals required.
  8. The local architect will be responsible for modifying CCIs documents and include notation necessary documents for tender purposes.

Stage 1 is complete once the Form, Function and Creative look of the spaces are agreed upon.

Stage 2: Concepts & Schematic

Taking on board the information and direction obtained from Phase 1, we will complete the following:

  1. Review & update the revised Architectural Layouts.
  2. Prepare an informal Sketch plans and Concept images to illustrate Design approach. This will be presented to the Project Team for further discussion.
  3. Presentation to include Concepts, Sketch layouts with Materials, Furniture and Fabric selections
  4. B3D renders to be presented

Stage 2 will be concluded by the Presentation of Concepts & Schematic floor plans for each PrArea to the Client.

This is seen as a confirmation of the Design Direction to be followed into Stage 3.

Stage 3: Design Development

Based on the approval of Schematic Design (Stage 2) and a confirmation from the Clients, we will prepare and present a Final Concept presentation to the Client.

Deliverables include:

  1. Layouts & Elevations presented in an appropriate scale, indicated Floor Finishes and Furniture Arrangements.
  2. Material Boards for each Area to demonstrate samples of Finishes, Materials, Colours, Fabrics and principal Furniture selections.
  3. 3D renders are not included in the fee and the areas which require 3D renders, are to be agreed upon. We anticipate a minimum 10 nos. 3D renders to be produced.
  4. In parallel to this, we shall co-ordinate our proposals with other consultants on the Project Team. We will prepare preliminary FF&E schedules of hard and soft finishes for the Clients cost consultant to review and will refine these costs where needed to meet the FF&E Budgets.
  5. Mood Concepts and Elevations to demonstrate areas not covered by Renders.
  6. The drawings need to be sufficient for the Architect, Engineers, and other project consultants to insert their Construction Drawings and specifications. These are not documentation for construction.
  7. Drawings to be issued are: Floor Finishes, Furniture Layouts and Electrical locations, RCPs, Joinery drawings, Interior Elevations and Interior details. These are in CAD format and in 1:50 scale.
  8. Specifications: For Sanitary ware and Ironmongery to commence documentation
  9. Architects to supply CCI with clean CAD copies of negatives in 1:50 scale for all areas.
  10. Architect to supply CCI with hard copies of all areas.
  11. Upon completion of stage 3 CCI will issue 2 hard copies of the current dwgs for distribution for Project Management and Lead Consultant.


Stage 3 will be understood as complete when the 3D renders are approved and the FF&E selections and within budget as per the Cost Controllers confirmation.

This is seen as a confirmation of the Designs which will be Documented in Stage 4.

Stage 4: Design Documentation & Specifications

Having received approvals of the Designs in Stage 3, we will further develop the Concept Designs to Design Intent Drawings. This will be done by Coordinating with the Project Team and receiving the Final drawings from all other members of the Design Team.

This information will be sufficient in detail for appointed Architect, Mechanical Engineer and Contractor to incorporate into their own Documentation. They will be producing Full Working Drawings/Shop drawings for Constructions and Manufacture.

Phase 5: Specification Books

Deliverables include:

  1. Prepare a specifications books in Hard and soft copies, based on the approved presentations in Phase 2 & 3.
  2. Describe the FF&E schemes containing Specifications, Illustrations/samples of each item of Furniture, Accessories, Decorations, Decorative Light Fittings, Fabrics, Trimmings, Carpets and Rugs etc. Each item will be coded, and cross referenced to the FF&E layout plans and a Hard copy of Material Swatches and Finish samples will be provided to compliment the Specification Books.
  3. Final Selections and Specifications will be based upon the items presented and approved by the Client and Operator in Phase 2. Provided that our selection is within Budget, supplementary involvement due to contract over run/or additional Suppliers/Manufacturers being introduced by Purchasing Agents resulting in additional liaison/approval of Drawings and samples etc. is an additional cost and is not included in this fee proposal. This will be charged at the hourly rates listed in the Index.
  4. Propose the Theme, Style and Budget only for Artwork and Accessories based on the items shown on the FF&E layouts and liaise and co-ordinate with the Specialist Consultants/Suppliers responsible. Should further involvement be required, this is an additional cost and is not included with this Fee Proposal.
  5. CCI will issue 3 hard copies of the Schedules to the Project Manager for his distribution. Should additional prints be required, these will be charged at cost.

Stage 6 – Tender & Award

The purpose of this Stage is to select contractor(s) or vendors who will Supply and Build the Interior Items. It is understood that Client/Operator will provide all purchasing services and the Interior Designer will assist the Client Operator.

The deliverables are as follows:

  1. Answer Questions that may arise during Contractors/Vendors preparation of Bids.
  2. Advise on the selection of the contractor
  3. Review the tender submission with Project Manager
  4. Approve samples submitted by Contractor & Suppliers
  5. Evaluate Value Engineering options proposed by the contractor
  6. Review Shop drawings
  7. If items become unavailable, CCI will find alternatives

Stage 8 – Site Inspection

We have allowed for x man days (excluding Travel) throughout the Fit-out period to inspect the works to comments on their compliance with the interior design intent and Quality Workmanship.

Work includes the following:

  1. Inspecting the finishes works and providing the Project Manager /Architect with the schedule of Defects and Omissions of and typical. Visiting the place of Manufacture (to be directed and authorised by the Client in advance) to view major pieces of FF&E during the Production to comment on the Quality.
  2. Inspecting the final placement of FF&E items and assisting with the Dressing of the Mock up room prior to the hand -over to the Client.

Note: Should any additional Trips be required or to site or the place of manufacture to view major pieces of FF&E during production to comment on the quality (to be directed and authorised by the client in advance) these will be charge on a time and expenses basis.

Supplementary involvement due to Contract over run and or additional Suppliers/Manufacturer being introduced (post approval) by Client resulting in additional Liaison/Approval of Drawings and Samples etc, is and additional cost and is not included within this Fee Proposal.

The local Architect or Fit Out contractor will be responsible for the coordination of all local consultant work relating to the preparation of all Documents

Payment & Expenses – Fees

Fee Payment Structure

Upon agreement of the design fee, a mobilisation fee of 50% payment is made. Thereafter 50% of the balance will be paid in monthly instalments. The dates are to be finalised upon confirmation of the project. Fees are given in US Dollars and SAR and do not include 5% VAT.

Payment Terms

  1. The currency used for payments is in UAE Dirhams.
  2. Prior to commencement of services a Mobilisation fee is paid of 50% of the Lump Fee.
  3. The Client shall bear all Expenses included taxes and VAT, tariffs, duties etc. incurred in the Performance of the Designer’s Services. No deduction can be made from these.
  4. For supplemental Design services, will be charged at the hourly rates listed below.
  5. If any payments which are disputed, CCI must be made aware of this within the 30 day Payment period, and payment must be made in respect of any amount that is not in Dispute.
  6. In event that in a Stage of a Contract 80% is completed, but less than 20% has not been accepted, then 80% of the Stage Payment is to be made.
  7. If work has been submitted by CCI for Client approval and it has not been Accepted or Rejected within 15 days, CCI can Invoice for the work as it will be viewed as it has been Accepted.
  8. All Payments must be received within 30 days of the invoice date. Failure to receive payments will suspend all further work by CCI and a 5% interest charge.

Bank Detail

Company Address                                                                                     Bank Details


Cecilia Clason Interiors                                                                                          Cecilia Clason Interior Decoration LLC

401 Code Business Tower                                                                   Cecilia Clason Interior Decoration LLC

4th Floor                                                                                                         RAK BANK, DUBAI MARINA BRANCH

Po Box 75111                                                                                               AC: 0342575898001

Dubai:                                                                                                               SWIFT: NRAKAEAK

UAE                                                                                                                     VAT No.: 100270563800003

Project Expenses and Deliverables

The Lump Sum Includes:

  1. X nos. hard copies of Design Documentation and colour Specification booklets.
  2. X ‘out of office’ travel days to X
  3. Factory visits if near site are accounted for. (Not long national or international travel associated with factory visits. If required they will be charged at cost, and at the rates listed above).

The lump sum excludes:

  1. Printing other than that listed previously mentioned, which is at Cost.
  2. Courier and Material and Fabric samples and excess Luggage costs for Presentation Boards, should that be Applicable.
  3. All Travel related Expenses such as Hotel Lodging (5 star) Ground Transportation, Airfare (business class) Meals and other reasonable Daily Living expenses for Site and Factory visits.
  4. Additional travel dates to be charged out at a day rate of $1,333 or 5,000 SAR per senior staff.
  5. The Lump Sum excludes all Project related expenses reasonably incurred by the Designer above and beyond those already included in Items listed above. These Expenses are in addition to the Total Fee and shall be billed Monthly as reimbursable expenses.
  6. All office related expenses such as printing, photography, computer plots, all blue printing (including prints for Client, Contractor or other Consultants) long distance telephone and fax charges, express mail and courier services etc.


Additional Services

Should CCI be asked to perform any Additional Services, other than those described above in the Design Agreement, ore Redesign previously approved work, an additional Fee will apply as per the hourly rates listed above.


The latest anticipated Completion date for this project is the be no more than 24 months from the date of this Document.

Should the Project Completion date be more than the next 6 months, beyond the agreed date, a minimum of 75% of the fee of the Stage shall become payable. Subsequent Stages will be subject to further Negotiation.

If the speed of delivery has to be Reduced, due to unforeseen circumstances, delays caused by other Parties, or awaiting Information, thereby affecting CCI’s performance the time taken for the delay shall be added to the Overall Programme.


The Client:                             TBC

CCI:                                             Cecilia Clason Interiors

401, 4th Floor, Code Business Tower,

Po Box 75111, Dubai, UAE

Project:                                                      TBC

Interior Design

  • Interior Space planning to establish furniture locations and verify seating
  • Selection of floor, wall and ceiling surface finish
  • Design of special/custom carpet design
  • Selection of loose furniture
  • Design custom and fixed joinery where required and or appropriate
  • Design of window treatments, including drapes, blinds and other suitable materials
  • Selection of upholstery fabrics
  • Selection of decorative light fittings
  • Selection of decorative ironmongery
  • Advice on AC vent
  • Advise on access panels
  • Selection of sanitary war
  • Co-ordination of interior design schemes between CCI and sub consultants



  • Lighting Design
  • Specialist Lighting effects, or other Special Audio-visual equipment
  • Electrical information not related to the interior design such as cleaners sockets, 3 phase supplies, power supplies in bars etc
  • Design of emergency lighting. Establishment of design and statuary signage
  • Design of non-statuary signage
  • Establishment of access requirements for concealed Mechanical, Electrical or other equipment
  • Attendance with any statuary rights
  • Establishment of compliance with local (or other) Building Codes, which apply to the project. This is normally the responsibility of the Architect.
  • Acoustic Design
  • Checking contractors Drawings – except as described in Construction stage.
  • Any Back Of House (areas not accessible to the public, such as kitchens, offices, escape routes and staff areas)
  • External areas other than those specified
  • Bar and servery equipment
  • Measure Site Survey
  • Photographic Survey
  • Origination Sanitary ware Schedules
  • Originating Ironmongery Schedules
  • Origination of door schedules
  • Selection of plants
  • Technical features of Water Features
  • Procurement
  • Preparation of BOQs
  • Preparation& distribution of Official minutes
  • Preparation of covering document for request of Tenders
  • Issue of Tenders
  • Service in connection with Interim of Final certification
  • Original schedule of defects
  • Origination of detailed information relating to concealed items such as Framing, ceiling support systems, plasterboard, block or other walling
  • Origination of Details which may be needed to meet fire Requirements or technical matters
  • Verification or documentation of statuary requirements or standards where they may vary from UK Standards
  • Preparation of setting out Drawings or Rods
  • Preparation of as Build Drawings
  • Any design in connection with any other area not listed in the Contract above
  • Price evaluation and Value Engineering
  • Revision due to field Conditions
  • Installation Assistance and Review






  • The language used I will be English in all CCI dealings related to this project.
  • British standards will be used as the standard to which any specification shall refer and shall be in the minimum standards applicable even where lesser local standards may largely be acceptable.
  • Metric units will be used in all cases
  • All Cad drawing files shall be in DGN format
  • It is understood that all majority of items selected by CCI can by their nature only be single source items. CCI will not be responsible for any subsequent substitution or copy right issues.
  • Where items are found by the Procurement to be excessively Expensive from the specified source, alternative may be sourced by the Procurement agent, subject to CCI approval. In such cases the CCI specifications should be taken as Design Intent only.
  • It may happen when Budget allowances are Inadequate for the size or star rating of the hotel, or where import duties ore restrictions may pre-lude the use of the Originally specified item.
  • CCI may also have specified an item which does not meet the practical criteria for the intended use or form either by meeting